Path to Zero Harm

Over the past decade, we have made great progress in injury/illness prevention by providing employees with training, tools, resources and data to prevent harm. Although AEP’s performance is good compared to our industry peers – we want to move from good to great in Zero Harm. In 2016, we will pursue Zero Harm by focusing our efforts on:

  • Engaging and developing leadership.
  • Engaging and developing employees.
  • Setting clear and consistent expectations, standards and accountability.
  • Measuring serious injuries and using the industry standard DART (Days Away/Restricted or Job Transfer) rate to focus on high-consequence risks.
  • Improving safety and health and risk management systems.

Zero Harm: We Care About People

To achieve Zero Harm, our five-year plan is grounded in communication and action. We have committed to:

  • Adopt, communicate and implement a system-wide framework for safety and health.
  • Replace historical recordable rate performance metrics with a DART rate of measure to focus our attention on events with more serious consequences.
  • Reward employees by setting performance-based goals based on proactive measures.

Safety & Health Gap Analysis

To help us enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of AEP’s safety and health management system, we hired DuPont Sustainable Solutions to complete a comprehensive evaluation of AEP’s safety and health culture. The DuPont Integrated Safety Management System model was used to benchmark AEP’s safety management system against companies with world-class performance.

The evaluation consisted of a company-wide safety and health perception survey, site visits, a review of safety management system documents, interviews with key AEP stakeholders, and workplace observations and discussions with front-line employees. The assessment identified several areas of strengths as well as areas for improvement.

We will continue to work to close these gaps in 2016, which will strengthen the foundation for safety going forward. These initiatives will enable a Zero Harm culture; allow us to implement a consistent organization-wide solution and sustain the results we achieve.