Contractor Safety & Health

No aspect of our work is more important than safety and health, whether it is an AEP employee or an AEP contractor. Our focus is on prevention. As we strive for Zero Harm with our employee work force, we seek the same level of commitment and performance among our contractors. We invest time and resources to ensure the safety and health of our contractor work force and we hold them accountable for their performance. This has become critically important as our contractor work force has increased to support the growth of our business. As a result, in early 2016, we created a new leadership position responsible for contractor safety and health performance.

Our ongoing efforts to improve contractor safety and health have included: a rigorous contractor pre-qualification process; setting clear expectations for compliance and commitment; incorporating leading indicators into the contractor oversight process; proactively addressing trends; and actively engaging AEP personnel in contractor oversight.

The recordable rate for AEP’s major contractors was 1.29 versus the 1.40 target. Overall, we are making progress but it is not enough, especially when four AEP contractors were fatally injured during 2015.