Safety & Health Performance

To AEP, Zero Harm means we care for each other; we care enough to always choose the safest way to do a job; and, we take responsibility and accountability for speaking up to prevent harm. We believe every event is preventable and we will not put productivity ahead of safety.

The road to Zero Harm is challenging but rewarding, with many successes along the way. In 2015, we achieved something we had not done since we began keeping statistics in 1970; four consecutive years without an employee fatality. This was quickly tempered in early 2016 when an AEP Transmission employee lost his life while on the job. A second employee was severely injured in this life-changing event.

This immeasurable loss is felt by every employee. It is unacceptable to each of us and strengthened our resolve to work harder to achieve Zero Harm – zero injuries, zero fatalities. We must do everything in our power to ensure that every employee and contractor goes home at the end of each day in the same condition as when they came to work.

We have established an aggressive plan to transform our approach to safety and health, and to build systems and a culture that support and sustain world-class safety and health performance. Our strategy is based on the findings and recommendations from a 2015 safety gap analysis and safety perception survey of employees. The survey was conducted by DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Zero Harm at AEP

  • Zero Harm means we care about every employee’s health and well-being.
  • Zero Harm means we care that every employee can retire suffering no long-term effects of their work at AEP.
  • Zero Harm means we care to know the job, be trained appropriately and choose the safe way every time.
  • Zero Harm means we care to watch out for each other and stop any job if it is unsafe.
  • Zero Harm means we care to learn from every event and get continuously get better