Culture Commitment

Most companies define success based on their profits, brand equity and market share. Truly successful companies know that engaging their employees is the key to achieving this success. Research has proven that engaged employees have a positive impact on business outcomes. According to Gallup, engaged employees are more likely to be loyal, psychologically committed to the company, passionate about their work, perform at consistently high levels, work safer and want to make meaningful contributions. They are also the source of the best ideas and innovation. That’s why an engaging culture is so important to AEP.

We value a diversity of perspectives and experiences, skills, ideas, culture and opinions. We have put several initiatives in place to support and engage our diverse culture as we reposition our business for a bold new future shaped by technology, innovation and improving our customers' experience.
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Zero Harm

There is nothing more important to us, or culturally valued, than the safety and health of our employees. AEP is renewing its commitment to Zero Harm - to reinforce its principles and reinvigorate AEP’s safety focus.

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