Carbon Emissions

AEP’s carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced 39 percent from 2000 levels, and we will continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as we transition to more natural gas and renewable resources in the future.

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Sustainable Growth & Operational Excellence

We measure our success based on financial and non-financial performance. This includes the impacts our product has on the environment. We are committed to being environmental stewards as we build the next-generation utility.

Carbon & Climate

AEP is less carbon-intensive than a decade ago. As we retire additional coal units and increase our use of clean energy, our carbon footprint will continue to shrink.

Corporate Emissions

Between 2000 and 2016, AEP will have invested an estimated $8.5 billion in environmental controls, which has resulted in significant reductions in air emissions.


Water quality, availability, use and management are increasingly important sustainability issues for society and our company.

Environment, Safety & Health Philosophy

No aspect of operations is more important than the health and safety of people. Our customers’ needs are met in harmony with environmental protection.

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