Customer Contact & Care

The customer experience encompasses every touch point we have with our customers, whether on the phone, through social media and outage alerts, with a line crew in the field, through billing and online transactions, or through the interactions our employees have while serving in the community. AEP is dedicated to improving the overall customer experience by providing our customers with programs and services that matter most to them.

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graphic: 23 million customer calls to AEP's customer operations center
AEP and our employees play an important role in the economic viability of our communities. Whether through employment and wages, taxes and corporate philanthropy, or volunteer hours and economic development efforts, we actively engage and support local communities and economies in which we operate and serve.

Investing in Local Communities and Economies

AEP is dedicated to building stronger communities by providing economic development opportunities to attract jobs, support capital investment and grow local economies. This adds value to AEP and the local communities where we live and work.


Through our grid modernization and infrastructure development efforts, we are improving grid security, reliability, and customer accessibility to clean energy.

Corporate Giving

Corporate philanthropy is important to our communities because it helps enhance the quality of life, advances education and enriches communities.

Supplier Diversity

We believe that having a strong, diverse pool of suppliers is as important to AEP as it is to the business owners in our communities who do business with us.