Asset Health Center

AEP Transmission developed a system-wide analytical tool, called the Asset Health Center (AHC), to reduce unexpected equipment failures through enhanced real-time monitoring, enabling us to prioritize assets and resources. Phase one deploys in 2016, moving AEP Transmission closer to condition-based maintenance, which relies on ‘real time’ performance information of vital station equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers and batteries, rather than time-based maintenance. Pinpointing weak assets on our system and correcting them improves our system reliability and efficient use of maintenance resources.

The AHC was developed for extra-high voltage (EHV) equipment with technology partner Ventyx/ABB. The AHC is implementing software to monitor lower voltage equipment (138-kV and lower) and has started a pilot program to monitor underground transmission facilities. We are also looking at how this technology may benefit our generation and distribution businesses. The next rollout of the AHC will target equipment at 138-kV and lower.

AHC benefits customers and shareholders by helping to:

  • Reduce the consequences of equipment failure (and outages) with asset condition data, predictive analytics, and risk modeling.
  • Achieve system reliability, power availability, high-quality performance and compliance goals.
  • Optimize workforce productivity and safety by targeting maintenance where it is most needed.
  • Prioritize asset replacements (investments).
  • Reduce capital costs from unexpected failures.