Resource Planning

Our stakeholders often ask if we factor the cost of carbon into our resource planning. The answer is yes; the potential for carbon regulation has been part of our integrated resource planning process for several years. AEP’s planning process, which helps our states plan their energy and capacity needs over time, considers available resource and market options to achieve an adequate mix of resources at reasonable costs for our customers.

Several AEP operating company subsidiaries are required to develop periodic integrated resource plans (IRP) that are filed with state public utility commissions. IRPs help companies and state regulators plan for meeting customers’ capacity and energy needs over a certain period of time. Learn more about resource planning at AEP.

AEP Operating Company by StateCase Number/Docket
Appalachian Power Co. – Virginia APCo VA PUE-2015-00036
Southwestern Electric Power Co. – Louisiana SWEPCO LA I-33013
Southwestern Electric Power Co. – Arkansas SWEPCO AR Doc.07-011-U
Public Service Company of Oklahoma - OklahomaPSO OK 2015 IRP
Kentucky Power Co. - Kentucky KPCo KY 2013 IRPNEED 2013 IRP
IRPs in Indiana and West Virginia are currently pending