Technology & Innovation

AEP is developing strategies and investing in technology to be the next generation energy company-- one that co-exists with, accommodates and incorporates distributed generation, energy storage and advanced energy management.

Technology Focus

On Jan.6, 2016, one of four new universal solar facilities in Indiana began commercial operation. The Deer Creek Solar Facility, just south of Marion, Ind., has a nameplate capacity of 2.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity – enough energy to power about 350 homes annually.

AEP’s Focus:

  1. Universal Solar
  2. Energy Storage
  3. Non-renewable Distributed Generation
  4. Volt/VAR

We believe that a robust, modern grid is a natural enabler of new technology. The power grid serves as the backbone to support diverse generation resources and distributed energy technologies. And, it assures cost-effective, efficient and reliable delivery of electricity, regardless of how it is produced.

In the future, the integrated grid will be decentralized, digitized and have a smaller carbon footprint. Technology and information, including the use of big data and predictive analytics, will help us to identify and develop programs and services for customers, while enabling them to deploy new technologies to personalize their use of energy.

In 2015, AEP established an Enterprise Technology Council that is focusing on the deployment of innovative technologies to support the integrated grid and meet customer demand and expectations.