Sustainability Governance

As the demand for transparency and public disclosure continues to grow, so do AEP’s efforts around sustainability and performance reporting. AEP’s Corporate Accountability Report is used to communicate and respond to stakeholder concerns, manage shareholder engagement, drive performance, and recruit and retain employees - while proactively telling AEP’s story. AEP’s report has evolved from what was once a past performance-based environmental report into a more future-focused integrated report – tying our financial performance to our environmental, social and governance performance to show linkage with AEP’s business strategy.

In 2015, AEP implemented a governance structure around corporate sustainability through the creation of an internal Enterprise Sustainability Council. Co-chaired by representatives from the Corporate Sustainability and Ethics and Compliance departments, the Council consists of some of the top leaders and decision-makers from across the company.

Nick Akins, chairman, president and CEO; David Feinberg, executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary; and Lana Hillebrand, senior vice president and chief administrative officer, serve as executive sponsors.

The Council established the following goals and objectives:

  • Ensure activities and decisions, including performance reporting align with our strategic plan and business objectives.
  • Serve as champions of AEP’s sustainability initiatives – seek opportunities to link sustainability with culture, values, business performance and material issues.
  • Share work, best practices, and ideas to identify potential risks/opportunities and emerging issues/trends and collaborate in developing solutions and sustainability goals/objectives.
  • Manage disclosure to achieve the right balance compatible with AEP’s commitment to transparency, materiality and aligns with reporting guidelines.
  • Accountability for accuracy of the information disclosed.

The Council provides a forum for key decision-makers to come together, and reflects the maturity of sustainability and the reporting process at AEP. It has become embedded in AEP’s business strategy, supporting our culture initiatives of strategic alignment and employee engagement, as well as, our continuous improvement efforts. The Council also reflects AEP’s commitment to sustainability reporting -- addressing stakeholder concerns by telling our balanced, accurate and complete story.