Coal Supplier Survey

America’s energy future will no doubt contain a greater diversity of energy sources but coal will continue to be the foundation of that resource base for the foreseeable future. At the same time, the life cycle of coal is of great concern to many of our stakeholders – from mining practices and combustion for energy production to disposal of coal combustion byproducts. Through our stakeholder engagement process AEP committed to annually survey our coal suppliers to assess their environmental, safety and health performance.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about where and how our suppliers source their coal that AEP purchases and to collect data on their overall performance in the areas of safety, health and environmental compliance. This company-specific data will not be shared publicly but will be used by AEP to help us analyze and identify best practices and begin to understand some of the social ramifications of the electric and coal industries.

This resource site provides information for our suppliers about the survey, including links to the Global Reporting Initiative’s Mining and Metals Sector Supplement (MMSS). Several performance indicators from the MMSS are included in our survey. Our commitment to transparency includes making the aggregated final report and analysis public by posting it to the web.